Discover Programme

23 October 2018

Transform your life with the Discover Programme
Are you unemployed? Stuck in a rut or lost your motivation?

Feeling uninspired and wanting to transform your life but fear or not believing in yourself is stopping you from taking the next step?
We can help you master your mind-set, take control and create a plan to find the right path for you.

The Discover Programme is a two-week course that runs regularly throughout the year at Dundee and Angus College’s Kingsway and Arbroath campuses.

During the course we will support you to:
• Understand your own self – worth, values, aspirations and ability to achieve
• Explore how self-esteem impacts resilience and achievement
• Evaluate yourself and past successes
• Manage anger, stress and anxiety
• Learn how to overcome unhelpful behaviours and ways of thinking to gain control of your life
• Create a personal development plan
• Set a plan to get in touch with the agencies that can help you take your next steps

The next courses start:
Arbroath Campus: Monday 3rd December

To sign up for this course talk to your Jobcentre work coach or for further information contact:
Jim McEvoy on 07590 734 068 or Kathryn Simpson on 07540 823 842

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