High praise for Dundee and Angus College in Education Scotland report

Inspectors have praised Dundee and Angus College for their focus on innovation, inclusivity, successful partnership working and a continual commitment to student excellence.

The latest Education Scotland review, published yesterday, (6th February) highlights the strong links the college has with partners and employers across all subjects which helps students gain relevant work placements and support to get jobs.

As well as commending the focus on equipping students for a working life, the report also recognised an improvement in learner successes and completion rates alongside innovative teaching excellence. The college was praised for a strong focus on making sure its curriculum is industry-led to enable students to develop the required skills to enter employment, creating a clear pathway from education to work.

The report states: “Rates of successful completion for full-time FE and HE programs have improved, demonstrating positive strides in learner outcomes. Learner progression to Higher Education is high. Around 95% of learners achieve a positive destination upon completing their college programme.

“Curriculum staff engage effectively with stakeholders and regional employers to ensure the curriculum offer supports economic development in the region.”

Annual Engagement Visits are planned collaboratively between the college and HM Inspectors, who met with staff, learners and other stakeholders in December.

Dundee and Angus College Principal Simon Hewitt said: “We are thrilled to see the positive outcomes reflected in the Annual Engagement Visit report, underscoring the dedication of our staff and the success of our students. These achievements are a testament to our commitment to providing a high-quality and inclusive education."

Areas of positive practice at Dundee & Angus identified as part of the visit include, supporting college learners with additional support needs or from deprived backgrounds in successfully achieving their programme and developing a broad range of skills which help them gain employment.

Inspectors also noted that: “Successful completion rates for learners from the most deprived backgrounds have improved and are well above the sector average. Rates of successful completion for learners with protected characteristics and from key groups are also above the sector average.”

The report also highlighted how the college supports learners right from the beginning of their application process. This support enables their successful progression from application to start studying and helps learners to remain engaged throughout the period leading up to enrolment. Once a learner at Dundee and Angus College, the report noted that students are well informed about the full range of support services and the active role the Student Services Team and Students Association play in this. Engagement with learners through initiatives like “Feedback Fridays” help support enhancement of the learning experience and student satisfaction rates.

Laurie O’Donnell, Chair of the Board of Dundee and Angus College, said: “The positive findings of Education Scotland in their annual visit to Dundee & Angus College demonstrate the integral part we play on the economic well-being of our communities. The positive practices and achievements recognised in this report position our college as a leader in the region. We work collectively to develop more successful students with the capability to learn and thrive in a work environment – and these students can be at any age or stage of life.”

Dundee and Angus College is one of the biggest further education providers in Scotland and offers more than 1,000 courses from introductory level to degree and post graduate studies.

The college will guarantee an offer of a place to all eligible school leavers in the Dundee and Angus region who apply by 31st March this year.