Applying to College

We are currently using two separate online application systems while we move to a new online application system.

August 2024 courses

Funding applications

You will need an email address to register an account. We will use this email address to communicate with you throughout the application process. Please don’t use a school email address, as you won’t be able to access it once you leave school, and we need to stay in touch with you over the summer.

Once you set up your account and submit your application, you will be able to:

  • Track the progress of your application.
  • Upload any supporting evidence and/or documents required
  • Book your selection appointment (you must do this within seven days)
  • Accept or Decline any offers.

Online application video guides

Starting an application

Continuing your application

Please look at our Privacy Notice about Student Applications (PDF).

More about you (personal statement)

When completing your application, you may be required to fill in a section called ‘More about you’. This is your chance to tell us about you and your interest in the course you're applying for. Please see Understanding the College Application and Selection Process to help you start.

What if I can’t apply online?

If you need help to complete your application, please visit one of our campus Help Points or call 0300 123 10 36.

What happens when I apply?

Each course has different entry requirements. If you meet our entry criteria and we still have places available for that course, you will be invited to a selection appointment. Our staff will help you through the selection process, and your performance at the appointment, along with any other selection criteria, will help us decide on your application.

For more information about our application and selection process please see the Understanding the College Application and Selection Process online course.

Who should I ask to be my referee?

To support your application, we may need a reference from you.
A referee is someone who can comment on the character, work ethic or qualifications of another person.

  • School leavers are required to use school guidance staff or Head Teachers.
  • Applicants currently attending College should use their Group Tutor or Course Leader as a reference.
  • Other applicants should ask someone who knows them well but is not a family member or friend.
What do I need to know about my selection appointment?

January courses:
You will receive an email asking you to attend your selection appointment. This may be on campus, online via Microsoft Teams or on the phone.

August courses:
You will get an email asking you to book your selection appointment through our online application system. Please do this within seven days, or our administration team will book an appointment. Please be aware that your selection appointment may be remotely via telephone or Microsoft Teams.

Our selection appointments for August courses will not start until after Christmas and will continue throughout the spring. There are a limited number of places on each course, and as we offer course places throughout the application period, the course may be full by the time your selection appointment is scheduled. If this happens, we will let you know before your selection appointment. Places may become available if others do not accept their place or attend their interview.

If you cannot attend your selection appointment, please email to arrange a suitable time. 

What if I receive an offer?

Please confirm through the online application system if you are happy to accept the offer to hold your place. You can only accept one full-time offer; all other applications will be cancelled once you have accepted an unconditional offer.

If you would like to cancel or withdraw your application, you can do this online or email

How will I know if I am not successful?

A decision on each application will be sent to you by email. We may offer you an alternative course or you could be invited to an appointment with our Access team or Student Services Team to discuss alternative options.

What happens after I’ve accepted an offer?

The final step in confirming your place is completing your onboarding registration.

This will open in December for January courses and in mid-July 2024 for August courses.

We will email you about how you access the onboarding system and what you need to do. After you've completed the onboarding registration you'll have access to College systems, including your timetable and College ICT account, plus you'll be able to upload your picture for your student card.

Before you start your course, please check out your funding options. Applications open in April for SAAS (for HNC/HND/degree level courses) and in late May for bursary/EMA (below HNC level courses). To ensure your funding is in place for your course start, please apply for funding as early as possible.  

Who can I speak to if I am unsure about applying?

Please get in touch with our Help Point staff. They can provide general guidance and advice on information related to courses, careers, progression opportunities and all aspects of student life. They will contact our Student Services Team if more specialist advice and guidance is required.

When to apply

Online application is now open for courses starting in August 2024.

You can apply for a maximum of 3 courses at a time.

There are no fixed closing dates for applications, however places fill up quickly so please submit your application as soon as possible.

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