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    Why choose D&A?

    Why choose D&A?

    Whatever your age or background, we offer a wide range of courses all designed to help improve your future study and employment prospects.

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    Advice & Support

    During your time at D&A College we want to ensure you get the skills, the practical experience and the support you need to succeed.

    We can advise on areas such as course and career options; course applications; funding and financial help; volunteering and work experience; and meeting employers and interview skills.

    We’re also here to offer practical and emotional support for any ongoing or temporary support needs including disabilities/medical conditions; mental health difficulties; learning differences; social/emotional/behavioural issues or any other personal difficulties you may experience during your time at college.

    At D&A College we pride ourselves in supporting our students to progress, we want you to be a successful learner with us.

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