Our 2025 Strategy – More Successful Students

Following on from the Good to Great transformation strategy we want a strategic direction that will put partnerships and relationships right at the heart of taking the College forward. 

Building on the strong industry and academic links we already have, we want to enhance these and ensure that the College has the best possible learning, partnerships, environment and opportunities to guarantee that we will have #moresuccessfulstudents in the future.
Simon Hewitt, Principal

2025 Vision

To create more successful students through effective partnerships that change lives and create thriving communities.

Strategic Pledges

Building on our previous work and success, our 2025 vision is supported by three Strategic Pledges that reflect our College values:

  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Success

These pledges will underpin the achievement of our vision and will guide both what we will do, and how we will do this, during the period through until 2025.

Each of our Strategic Pledges is supported by a range of high-level metrics that will form the framework for assessing progress against our vision over the coming five year period.

Pledge 1: Effective Partnerships

As a College we will establish and enhance deeper, more meaningful partnerships both internally and externally to drive sustainability and ensure the best possible experience and outcomes for our learners, employers, and the wider region.

We will deliver this pledge by:

  • Maximising opportunities for our learners and clients
  • Prioritising sustainability & income generation
  • Playing our part in raising the productivity of the region
  • Being responsive & agile
  • Raising the profile of the College and college learning both locally & nationally
  • Being a partner of choice
  • Influencing key stakeholders partners both locally & nationally

Pledge 2: Future Focused

As a College we will deliver our curriculum and services in new and innovative ways that drive success and are engaging, flexible, streamlined and designed in partnership with our learners, people, partners and wider stakeholders.

We will deliver this pledge by:

  • Co-designing sector-leading, modern courses & services
  • Being inspirational & inclusive
  • Ensuring we are digitally enabled & developed
  • Using data to better inform our decision making
  • Providing modern & flexible learning spaces

Pledge 3: Thriving Communities

As a College we will foster trusted, supportive, inclusive and resilient communities that put partnerships, engagement and the health, wellbeing and success of our learners, people, stakeholders and communities at the core of how we operate.

We will deliver this pledge by:

  • Being health & wellbeing focused
  • Responding to the Global Climate Emergency
  • Ensuring we are trusted & respected
  • Being an employer of choice
  • Being self-reflective & personal development centred
  • Fostering a leadership culture

Read our full 2025 Strategy – More Successful Students (PDF)