Dundee and Angus College Official Launch of The Skills Academy

Leading the charge to Net Zero: D&A launch their Skills Academy

In a celebration marked by industry leaders, educators and innovators, Dundee and Angus College have officially opened the doors of The Skills Academy based at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, Dundee.  The launch saw a remarkable turnout of over 200 attendees, to witness and support the opening of the pioneering centre of excellence at the forefront of the transition to net zero.

The night featured a distinguished panel of speakers including Caryn Gibson, Business Partnership Manager, Greig Coull, Chief Executive Officer at MSIP, Simon Hewitt, Principal of Dundee and Angus College, and John Alexander, Leader of Dundee City Council. Who showcased the work invested in the development of The Skills Academy, emphasising its remarkable benefits to the city of Dundee and its pivotal role in driving changes towards sustainable industry.  Invited guests were also given the unique opportunity to witness demonstrations of the cutting-edge technology that will play a crucial role in shaping the future workforce.   

Delivered in partnership by Dundee and Angus College and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, The Skills Academy is a national centre of excellence for skills development in renewable energy, sustainable mobility, and decarbonisation. The Skills Academy aims to inspire, educate, and prepare the current and future workforce to support and accelerate the green recovery and Scotland’s transition to Net Zero.

Simon Hewitt, Principal of Dundee and Angus College commented “Dundee and Angus College are really excited to embark on this transformative journey for the region and beyond with the opening of the region’s first dedicated Skills Academy focused on providing the skills for a transition to Net Zero.

Working in partnership with MSIP, we will not only support the upskilling and reskilling of local businesses but also invigorate a new generation of engineers, technicians, and operators, guiding them to design and manufacture for the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors.

This partnership is more than just an opening; it's an open door to endless possibilities and opportunities. We're set to redefine the boundaries of innovation, paving the way for a future where sustainability and technological advancements go hand in hand.”

The Skills Academy launch showcased the site as a hub for collaboration with a state-of-the-art facility that will empower businesses and employees to meet the demands of an evolving industry.   Through a combination of industry-leading experts, cutting-edge curriculum, and practical applications, the D&A Advance Courses at The Skills Academy provide a comprehensive approach to skill development and business growth. Whether individuals are seeking to advance their careers or a business aiming to stay ahead of the competition, the D&A courses provide the tools and insights necessary to succeed.  The time to upskill is now and industry leaders are being invited to take the opportunity to empower their staff to thrive in a sustainable future.

John Alexander, Leader of Dundee City Council and Councillor for Strathmartine Ward (SNP) said "The city's physical transformation will only succeed in delivering results if it's coupled with job creation and skills and training opportunities. That is why the skills academy is such an important step forward for the whole of Dundee.

Looking forward, the skills academy will help ensure that Dundonians and local businesses are best placed to take up emerging opportunities in offshore win, advanced manufacturing, mobility and other technologies such as robotics. Dundee's pushing the envelope and this is just another example of that."

The Academy launch further highlighted a strategic collaboration with Coast Training Services, a trusted company consisting of seasoned professionals who bring expertise gained from years of experience within the renewables sector, as they are set to deliver their courses from the state-of-the-art facility. D&A’s commitment to collaboration and green skills generation invites potential partners and innovators to join them in their mission to drive the industry towards upskilling the workforce.

While the primary focus of The Skills Academy remains on upskilling existing workforces, it is further dedicated to inspiring the next generation of sustainable professionals through schools, clubs and organisation visits offering the younger generation an experience and insight into careers that will shape the future.

For further information about The Skills Academy or Dundee & Angus College Advance Courses please see https://dundeeandangus.ac.uk/for-businesses/advance/ and talk to our Business Partnership Team.