About the local area

You will study in our Kingsway or Gardyne Campus in Dundee unless you choose HND Animal Care which is based at our Arbroath Campus.

Dundee is the 4th largest city in Scotland, with a population of 140,000. For many international students, this may seem very small, but Scotland only has a total population of 5 million.

Located between Aberdeen and Edinburgh, on the north bank of the Tay Estuary, Dundee has one of the most beautiful settings in Scotland. To the north are the picturesque Sidlaws, to the south the river itself with views of the rolling hills of Fife beyond. Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow are all easily accessible by rail and road.

The region of Tayside is rich in history, culture and magnificent mountain scenery – so it is well worth exploring at weekends. Why not try a new activity like skiing or mountain biking, or walking on the beaches or in the hills?

It is easy to move around the city by bus or on foot, and there is a village feel to it – you will always meet someone you recognise when you go out into the street!

Dundee is over 800 years old but, with two universities and one of Scotland’s leading colleges, it is certainly young at heart. The high student population can be seen enjoying the vibrant nightlife, with top-quality night spots competing to offer the best entertainment in the county.

Once a hard-core industrial town the city is now undergoing something of a renaissance particularly in the arts. Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) has been recognised as one of the most successful arts venues in the UK. Dundee Rep is home to Scotland’s only full-time acting ensemble and contemporary dance company. It offers a year-round programme of theatre, comedy, dance and music – consistently winning awards and critical acclaim. The city hosts a packed calendar of cultural events including the internationally-acclaimed Blues Bonanza which attracts top acts from both sides of the Atlantic. Other items on the calendar include the Dundee Guitar Festival and Dundee Flower and Food Festival.

Shades of the city’s industrial past can be seen in the multi-award winning Verdant Works museum which celebrates the city’s former status as Jutopolis. At one time 50,000 people were employed in the jute trade and in the 19th and early 20th century ships brought in raw jute from Bangladesh and India, to be processed in big mills in Dundee.

Captain Scott’s famous ship, RRS Discovery, is berthed at Discovery Point. The ship, which took Scott to the Antarctic in 1901, was built in the city as Dundee. As a whaling centre, Dundee had the expertise to construct vessels that could withstand the icy conditions the explorer had to face.

Today Dundee is known for cutting-edge industries such as bio-technology (with globally renowned cancer research facilities based here) and Creative Industries including the development of computer games.

These days the city attracts tens of thousands of visitors who indulge in retail therapy in the city’s shops. Malls such as the Overgate and Wellgate have attracted top designer names such as Superdry to the city.

Dundee is officially the sunniest city in Scotland, has the cleanest air and a recent poll found its inhabitants are the friendliest in the UK.

It is easy to see why so many people have already chosen to study in Dundee.