Dundee and Angus College is a centre accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Qualifications are awarded by the SQA and not Dundee and Angus College.


All courses sit within the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at different levels.

To obtain a visa to study in the UK you should apply for a course at SCQF level 6 or above.
Please see the UKVI website for guidance.

Course Levels

National Qualification (NQ) programmes  - SCQF level 6
These are a series of NQ units requiring full time attendance for up to 1 academic year.

Higher National qualifications - SCQF levels 7 - 8
Higher National qualifications have been developed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority in partnership with colleges, universities and industry. They provide both the practical skills you need to do a job and the theoretical knowledge an employer will expect you to have. All the courses are made up of Higher National unit credits (one credit represents roughly 40 hours of timetabled learning).
Read more about Higher National Qualifications on the SQA website.

  • HNCs (SCQF level 7) are made up of 12 credits and usually take one academic year (full-time) to complete
  • HNDs (SCQF level 8) are made up of 30 credits and usually take two academic years (full-time) to complete (The first year of HND is called HNC or HND year 1)

International Team Contact

For non-EU enquiries, if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your application or studies please contact us by emailing international@dundeeandangus.ac.uk