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D&A Business – How to Access Training & Support for Your Business

Your organisation has ambitions for growth and achieving its potential. D&A Business can get you there. Learn more in this introduction to D&A Business and how we can help you access training and funding available.

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Electric Vehicle Training

Did you know that electric vehicles now account for around 30% of all car and van sales today? As more and more people transition to EVs, the need for repairs and servicing is also on the rise. Learn how we can help you upskill you and your team through our short specialised programmes in this eBook.

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Net Zero for Businesses

Most of us have tried to eradicate disposable plastics and adopt energy saving options where possible, but what does it really take to get to Net Zero in your business?

We have teamed up with leading Net Zero experts to help people understand the impact this way of working will have in the future, and to ready ourselves for impending legislative changes.

Learn more in our eBook.

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Building Safety & Certification for Businesses

Learn more the courses we offer for building safety and certification our eBook.

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English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

For companies that have a large workforce from other countries, language barriers can become a struggle for both the company’s productivity and the wellbeing of its staff.

We can provide a range of different ESOL courses depending on what you need for your business and employees, whether it’s providing English learning on your behalf or implementing your own bespoke English Language course within your work environment.

Learn more about what D&A College can offer in our ESOL eBook.

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Did you know that on average 1/3 of hospitality workers leave their job after just 6 months? It might feel like you are stuck on a rehiring and retraining loop that never stops. This then affects your customer service as the constant training of new staff means your team is never at the customary level of service that patrons expect.

Upskilling your team can be more cost-effective and time-saving in the long run.

See what D&A College can offer in our eBook.

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Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

D&A Business provides employee training courses in the sport, health and fitness sector to help you create long-term stability within your team so you can focus on what is important, growing your business.

See what D&A College can offer in our eBook.

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With 45% of the hospitality and tourism workforce employed in roles where staff behaviour makes a crucial difference to a great customer experience, it is vital to ensure your employees feel valued, knowledgeable and prepared.

Invest in your team now to save time later. See what D&A College can offer in our eBook.

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