Current Mobility Projects

erasmus logoDARE Erasmus+ Programmes are where we engage students and teaching staff on international mobility learning expeditions every year as part of their course learning in specific fields of learning. Some examples are featured as below:

Twenty-four D&A Sports Students visited The International Olympic Academy in October 2017. This functions as a multicultural interdisciplinary centre that aims at studying, enriching and promoting Olympism. The International Olympic Academy provides a unique opportunity for students, academics, athletes, artists and officials from all over the world to exchange ideas and share this “state of mind” in ancient Olympia.

Greece students 2017


Keskuspuisto Vocational College in Finland will be host to 3 of our supported education staff in the coming year. Keskuspuisto is maintained by a foundation as an upper secondary vocational special education institution and development and resource centre for special needs education. The College headquarters is located in the Ruskeasuo district of Helsinki and it operates 12 additional learning units in the Greater Helsinki area and Province of Southern Finland.

Kesk Voc College Supp Ed


12 Sports Students spent 2 weeks in Omnia, Finland - the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region is a multi-sector education provider that offers young and adult people and upper secondary vocational education and training, apprenticeship training, general upper secondary education and youth workshop training as well as non-formal education courses.


Planning is underway for D&A supported education staff going to Sweden at Polhemsskolan, an upper secondary school with about 2400 students. They have introduction programs, students with special needs anddifferent diagnosis. Polhemskolan is also one of Sweden's largest school of sporting excellence.


15 Horticultural students went to the Czech Republic in 2017 working with local businesses through INSTITUT INPRO, a.s. which is an educational and counselling organization which is mainly operating in the field of further education and vocational training, in the frame of lifelong learning.


16 auto engineering student will be investigating auto manufacturers in - BERLINK, Germany who have a consolidated experience in organising qualified professional, educational and work placement experiences in Berlin. Thanks to a solid network of international partners and an on-going process of transnational experiences exchange,BERLINK is able to provide work placement experiences with a relevant impact on the learning process.


ROC Zuid / Da Vinci College in the Netherlands offers vocational training programs in Economics, Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Health Care and Social Services. 11 of our staff are placed to learn about their peers andsought best practices to use at D&A College. ROC van Amsterdam is one of the largest Regional Education Centres in the Netherlands.