D&A Attributes

Here at Dundee and Angus College we are determined to give our learners much, much more than qualifications and technical skills.

During your time with us we want to help you build up a whole series of interpersonal skills that will make you different from the crowd - and very employable.

We are not content to simply offer a classroom experience - we can now give you the opportunity to access a whole lot of other life experience that will broaden your horizons, develop your creativity and enthusiasm and offer a whole host of real life working opportunities.

We call them the D&A Attributes and we think they are every bit as important as your certificates and diplomas.

You can take part in everything from competitive sport, fitness and wellbeing activities, support groups, volunteering, mentoring, work shadowing and work placement that will have your CV bulging with experience. We run a massive programme bringing employers into college to talk to you, advise you, and hopefully employ you.

We know from talking to employers that personal skills are critical in shaping your career path and we want to help you make the most of them.

We want employers to know that employing students from D&A College means that they are getting someone with the D&A Attributes - someone who has the skills and life experience beyond the classroom to make a difference in the workplace.

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