Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships (FA) have been developed to help young people gain valuable, real-world work experience and access work-based learning while they’re still at school.

Whether you want to go to college or university, do a further apprenticeship or go straight into work, a Foundation Apprenticeship can help. 

You’ll contribute to work-based real-life projects which will complement what you’ll be learning in the classroom and at college.

The qualification takes one or two years to complete and you undertake a Foundation Apprenticeship alongside your other subjects like National 5s and Highers and it all adds up to an industry-recognised qualification, with the level 6 equivalent to 1-2 Highers.

Foundation Apprenticeships are linked to key sectors of the Scottish economy, so you are getting industry experience which will help kick-start a successful career in your chosen field.

Dundee and Angus College is offering 5 level 6 Foundation Apprenticeship programmes, starting in 2024 summer term:

Level 4 and 5 Foundation Apprenticeships

There are also new SCQF level 4 and 5 Foundation Apprenticeships available. Like the level 6 Foundation Apprenticeships, they offer a combination of work-based and classroom learning and are linked to growth industries with good career prospects. We are offering these in the following subjects:

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