Further Education Bursary

If you are 18 years or older at the official start date of your course, you will be assessed for a Further Education Bursary.

This is a discretionary award and is not a loan.

The Bursary is available for living, travel expenses (must live at least 2 miles from the campus you will be studying at) and course materials but is based on your personal circumstance, e.g. age, where you live, your dependents and your income, parents’/partner’s income.

All students must meet the residency criteria.

If you have studied before and received financial help you may wish to contact Student Services for further advice and guidance.

The information below shows the maximum weekly amounts that you may be awarded but the amount is calculated depending on the household income for the complete tax year, before the start date of your course and any unearned income you may have, e.g. Pension, Working Tax Credits, Universal Credit) and could be less than the amount shown or even zero.

Age of student Living in Parental Home (weekly) Living away from Parental home (weekly) Annual Household Income
18-24 £99.35* £125.55* £24,274
25+ or self-supporting Not applicable £125.55* £20,643

The amounts marked * are the maximum weekly amount for session 2024/25 and are dependent upon household income. Where annual household income is higher than the amount shown above a deduction from the maximum weekly amount will occur.

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit and are eligible to continue to receive this whilst at college, you will be awarded a weekly allowance of £28.00 instead of the above weekly allowance.

How to apply for a Further Education Bursary

Once you have accepted your conditional or unconditional place, you will receive an email advising you to apply for funding once the funding application is open. You will be able to apply online via a PC, smartphone or tablet.