Personal Statement Tips

What to include in a personal statement:


Explain why you have chosen this course? What has influenced your decision?


Explain the skills that you have. Provide examples of where you have demonstrated these.


Write about your experiences that help demonstrate your qualities. What skills have you developed from these experiences?


Let us know that you are interested in the course. Where did that interest come from? (School, work experience or hobby?)


Explain what motivates you. Talk about your strengths, achievements reached or challenges faced.

Previous study

Let us know about relevant study - previous or current. Include short courses and training.

Future goals

Let us know about how studying this course may help you in your future plans. Your plans might include college, work or university – show your enthusiasm for your goals.

Structure your ideas

Once you’ve noted down all your ideas, put them into sentences and paragraphs and you will have your personal statement.

Final checks

Make sure your personal statement is no longer than 47 lines long or 4000 characters - this is including spaces, punctuation etc.

Need some help?

If you would like further assistance with your application or personal statement please get in touch with our Student Services Team, email