Painting and Decorating students help local charity

Third Year Painting and Decorating students from Dundee and Angus College have been gaining valuable practical experience whilst supporting a Broughty Ferry swimming charity.

Yeaaba (Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association ) are one of the oldest open-water swimming clubs in the world and next year will be celebrating its 140th Anniversary. Yeaaba offers support for swimmers wishing to compete in open water competitions or for those looking for a swimming challenge. They give people opportunities to widen their own personal development by training them in boat handling and lifesaving skills. They also organise a variety of swim events every year.

The charity is made up of several dedicated volunteers who run the club and look after the clubhouse and see to general repairs. However, over the period of the pandemic, the outside of the clubhouse could not be maintained and was subjected to vandalism on several occasions.

Painting and Decorating students from the college were more than willing to help the charity repair the exterior of the clubhouse. As well as doing a good deed the chance to paint the clubhouse has provided the students with a unique experience to showcase the skills which they have learned through part of their SVQ curriculum.

Stewart Halliday, Lecturer of Construction at Dundee and Angus College said, “Students have benefited from the building spray painting as it was a unit that the apprentices had limited chances to achieve to satisfy elements of their qualification. Yeaaba benefited by having the building’s appearance made far better in the lead up to the new open water season and the 140th anniversary commencing with The New Year’s Dook 2024.”

Yeaaba will be hosting a come-and-try day on 16th April for anyone wanting to try open-water swimming or have a go in their small motor boats. The work on the clubhouse will be completed before this event and they are hoping the refreshed appearance of the building will highlight the facilities they have to offer.

Michael Clark a Painting and Decorating student said, “It is really good to get this experience because you aren’t able to do a lot of this onsite, so it’s good getting to do something different and be outside. By getting the experience of spraying on this project I will be able to do this on my own in the future.”