Dundee Football Club Operations move to Gardyne

Dundee Football Club and Dundee and Angus College have entered a partnership that will see the club’s operations move to the Gardyne campus beginning 13 June 2022

The club will take up residence within the existing Incubator space of the Gardyne Campus, an exciting and mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties.

The 12,000sq ft space will accommodate all Dundee Football Club management, staff, and footballers as well as Academy, Dee Promotions and Community Trust staff, and provide space for press conferences and other events going forward.  

The four-year strategic partnership will provide an enhanced and more cohesive working environment and will result in an overall savings to the club through the efficiencies of the Incubator space.   The partnership also provides opportunities to promote the student experience through the integration of academic programmes into all that comes with professional sport.  

Dundee Direct, the club shop, will remain at Dens Park as will the ticketing office within.  Matchday operations will continue as usual and phone numbers will remain unchanged. 

The club and Community Trust will make an investment in the College’s outdoor facilities, upgrading the pitches into elite level facilities that can be used year-round.

John Nelms, Dundee FC Managing Director said, “This partnership is going to be transformational for the club and College both on and off the park.”  

“For decades the players have travelled away from the base at Dens Park each day to attend training but with the new facility, we will have pitches on site along with the use of the gym, swimming pool, indoor halls, tactical and analysis room and much more to give the coaches and players the best possible chance to achieve our on the park goals.

“This partnership is a win-win for both parties in numerous ways, especially for the students who will have access to learning opportunities within coursework relevant to the operations of a professional football club.”

“Work has been ongoing on the project for several months, and we would like to thank Simon Hewitt and Darren Foy for all of their efforts and a special thanks to Caryn Gibson, Business Partnerships Manager, for her thoughtfulness throughout the collaboration.  We look forward to working closely with them in the coming years.”

Simon Hewitt, Principal, Dundee and Angus College said, “This is an incredibly exciting partnership for Dundee and Angus College and one that helps us realise our vision of having elite level sports teaching facilities as part of our 2025 ‘more successful students’ strategy.

“Like us, John and his team believe that both education and sport have the ability to be a catalyst for change, influencing lives and communities for the better. By working together with Dundee Football Club, we will create something truly unique within the city, something that will not only elevate our student experience but allow us to create accessible and inclusive facilities that will welcome everyone from community clubs to professional sports teams from all over Scotland and beyond.

“This partnership will enhance both the College facilities, as well as the overall student experience on the Gardyne Campus, and we very much look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

Darren Foy, Centre Manager, Sports and Fitness, Dundee and Angus College, added, “This partnership will generate a multitude of benefits for our students, the wider College and community as a whole.

“As well as improving our infrastructure and facilities, the club’s presence at the College will greatly enhance the student experience we work so hard to maintain and improve. Sports students will gain access to a professional football team, gaining an insight into everything from coaching and nutrition to physiotherapy. There will also be fantastic benefits for students from other specialisms such as marketing, media studies and hospitality and, longer-term, potential opportunities for mentoring, placements and even employment.

“We’re also excited about the many benefits this will bring to the wider population. From delivering football camps, regardless of the weather or time of year, to welcoming other clubs and community youth groups outwith the club’s calendar, the impact of this partnership will be felt way beyond the confines of our campus. We can’t wait to welcome the team on-site.”