New Partnership Empowers Young People Through Education and Enterprise

Dundee & Angus College and Kingspark School have launched a new partnership to empower young people with disabilities through education and entrepreneurial activities.

Based on a shared commitment to broadening opportunities for young people, the partnership was celebrated at the launch of Kingspark’s new Social Enterprise which took place at V&A Dundee on 25th June.

Julie Grace, Vice Principal, Dundee & Angus College, said: “I am delighted to celebrate the successful launch of this initiative.  By working together with Kingspark School, we will provide valuable opportunities for young people to develop their skills and build their confidence.  This partnership shows that by promoting inclusivity, we can improve the educational experience and set students up for future success.”

The Social Enterprise initiative at Kingspark School features several key activities which will see senior pupils from Kingspark visiting Dundee & Angus College once a week to gain experience in barista skills and customer service at the College’s Café Bar at the Kingsway Campus.

Senior pupils will also develop horticultural skills, with sessions designed to support the development of the school's vegetable garden.  The horticulture programme has been tailored to be accessible for students with additional needs and will support the enterprise project by providing ingredients for their café.

The partnership will also provide the opportunity for two Dundee & Angus College art and design students to gain valuable work experience at Kingspark School and Rockwell Learning Centre, working with Kingspark School pupils, through hosting art and craft workshops.  The students will create crafts that can be sold in the café as part of their social enterprise project.  The branding for the new café project, Crafty & Bean, was also a project involving the students at Dundee & Angus College.  

Senior Phase pupils will also participate in taster visits to Dundee & Angus College across a range of curriculum areas which will enhance their educational experience.

Katie Radtke, Developing Social Enterprises, Kingspark School, said: “Kingspark has a mission to empower young people with disabilities by providing them with opportunities for training, skill development, and personal growth in a supportive and inclusive environment. By operating a café, art and craft studio, shop and gardening space, the initiative fosters independence, confidence, and a sense of belonging.  The partnership ultimately fosters inclusivity, enhances quality of life, and champions the potential of individuals with disabilities to be meaningful contributors within our community.”

The event showcased the innovative work being done through this partnership and its positive impact on the students and the wider community. The attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the projects and meet the students and staff involved.  

Paul Dow, Head Teacher, Kingspark School, said: “The launch was a fantastic showcase of our students' hard work and dedication.  The partnership with Dundee & Angus College allows our senior pupils to engage in hands-on learning to develop crucial skills for their personal development and growth.”