College’s Award-winning programme to tackle child poverty wins MORE funding.

Dundee and Angus College’s unique and inspired initiative to lead vulnerable young people into education has won a third year of funding from the Scottish Funding Council.  

The renewed funding is recognition for an award-winning initiative which, despite lockdown, succeeded in reaching out to over 250 young people in danger of ‘falling through the net’ and missing out on education or any kind of employment.

The ‘Find Your Future’ initiative helps young people engage in two ways. Firstly, they’re given access to the College through a series of ‘soft engagement points’ such as campus tours, outward bound activities and cultural experiences to build confidence and self-belief.

Secondly, the College delivers a series of 14-week academies focusing on key curriculum areas supporting economic recovery.  These academies not only include vocational experience, they deliver industry qualifications in areas such as first aid.

Although driven by a College project team, the programmes success is supported by a series of strong community organisations. Learner Engagement and Community Partnerships Manager, Katie Baxter says,

“The input we’ve had from groups such as HomeStart, Sixteen Plus, youth workers and a number of feeder schools has been outstanding. Their collaboration helps us identify the young people most in need and supports re-engagement. Our goal for this final year of funding is finding sustainable ways of continuing these approaches and partnerships, as they work”.