Students Inspired by Allistair McCaw

Last week Dundee and Angus College students were given the opportunity to hear from author and speaker Allistair McCaw.

Allistair is a consultant, author, and keynote speaker specialising in leadership, culture, and resilience. He has worked with many top leaders, performers, teams, and organisations giving them advice and motivation.

Alistair spoke with Jamie McBreaty, a former student at the college and now Mindset and Performance Coach. They covered several key areas and shared advice on, attitude, choices, service, structure, and relationships.

It is extremely important to have the right attitude in all that you do in life. Having the right attitude brings leadership and your energy comes from your attitude. Everyone feels negative at stages but it is all about how quickly you can change your mindset. The things you say to yourself are the most important things.

Life is all about choices, the choices you make can either make or break you. You are not born a winner or a loser but you are born a chooser.

Serving adds value, it is better when you add value to the life of others. Simply being kind gives you value. Think about where you can volunteer, help others and make a difference.

It is key that we all have a plan and a structure for our day. Try and avoid spending hours at night on your phone and switch it off and get a proper night’s sleep.

It is important to invest in relationships, the power of relationships will repay you. A CV may get you in the door but relationships will determine how far you get.

Above is a small snapshot of what the audience heard, and our students left the event feeling inspired and motivated by what Allistair had to say.

We would like to thank Allistair and Jamie, and our partners who helped us organise this event, Kanzen Karate, Developing the young workforce Tay Cities and Jamie McBrearty.