Student Story: Caitlin Vannet - Construction Crafts

Meet Caitlin Vannet, a Construction Crafts student working towards her ambition of having her own painting and decorating company and taking a step closer to it through her apprenticeship.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you came to D&A?

I am currently an Apprentice Painter and Decorator. I previously completed an NPA in Painting and Decorating and I came to D&A as I did not want to go to uni or anything like that, so I thought that the College would be a great step. Before coming to the College, I was at high school and I also had part-time job working in a chip shop. I am now in my apprenticeship, which means I am working for a company, as well as coming to College on certain weeks and days alongside my work. I was able to get into the apprenticeship straight after my first College course through the support that the lecturers were able to give me.

What have you got going on outside of College?

Outside of College, I do dancing, netball, and gymnastics - these take up my evenings on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I have done gymnastics since I was seven years old, I have been doing it for a long time and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy spending time with my mum, dad and two dogs. I love getting out with the dogs and going for a walk with them outside of the College and working.

How do you balance coming to College with your personal interests and home life?

I find it quite easy to balance coming to the College with life outside of the classroom, as I like to be hands on doing things all the time. So, in the morning and afternoons I do College, and, in the evening, I do my clubs because I cannot just sit about doing nothing - I like to be busy. I do find it quite easy to do both because you go to the College half the time and then you are at work half the time, so it’s so much easier to manage.

What are the highlights of your College journey so far?

I have liked coming to College and meeting a lot of new people and making new friends. It has been good to have an apprenticeship so that I can work as well as learn all the skills I need to progress in the career that I want.

What’s next for you, what are your goals?

Once I have finished my apprenticeship, I want to have my own company. I want to start my own painting and decorating company, it is a long way off, but I know that is what I want to do. Other than that, I want to make sure that I am learning all I can from coming to College and working in my placement.

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