Student Story: Aleeza Aslam - Performing Arts

Meet Aleeza Aslam, a Performing Arts student who lives and breathes all things dance - from studying her HNC in Dance at D&A to competing in competitions such as the Dance World Cup.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you came to D&A?

I have danced my whole life, but I didn’t originally think that I was going to make a career out of it. In my last year of school, I applied to a university to study business and law.  I was all set to go there until I decided to audition for a dance school - I wanted to see if I had a chance of getting in.  I auditioned at Dundee & Angus College because my dance teacher had been here beforehand. When I auditioned, I knew that it was the place I needed to be. Something clicked in my head, and I thought 'No, this is what I want to do, and I am going to go for it'. I was inspired by my dance teacher - she trained here, and she made me into the person I am today. I want to continue that legacy.  

What have you got going on outside of College?

Outside of College, I work at Edinburgh Airport Duty-Free.  I also compete and train at dance alongside my dance teacher, Amber Barkley. I enjoy spending time with my family - especially my sisters.  I try to balance a work and training environment with my home life. I travel from Fife to come to College as well as travel to work in Edinburgh, it can be difficult to get time to rest but I like being busy.

How do you balance coming to College with your personal interests and home life?

I have no idea how I manage to balance everything - everyone said it couldn't be done.  I start work at 4 am at the airport, but I knew I would make it work somehow. It can be hectic at times trying to fit everything in, but when you love what you are doing it makes things easier. I try to use the weekends to chill, but sometimes I am also competing. I have cut back on some of the competitions this year to concentrate on my HND as there is more workload than HNC.  I am currently training for the Dance World Cup in Prague; we are representing Scotland there for two weeks.

What are the highlights of your College journey so far?

My highlights of coming to College include following in the footsteps of my dance teacher. It has been a highlight just being here and doing what she did. Going back and talking to her about what we are doing is so exciting. She knows exactly how we are feeling and what we are going through.  I also love the shows we do and it's a big highlight when I am on that stage dancing - it feels like such an accomplishment. 

What’s next for you, what are your goals?

I am going to do my BA here next. I don’t really know what is in the future, I am going to look into a Master’s degree in England.  If I don't do that, I am going to audition for companies and try and work professionally for a little while. I would like to go back home to where it all started for me and teach some workshops. I just want to see where it goes, I do not have a set plan and I am ok with that. I used to be worried about not knowing what I was going to do but I have learned to just go with the flow, let things run their course and I will end up where I am supposed to be.  I would also like to experience dancing on cruise ships and travel the world, or even dance on the West End or in New York.

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