Lecturer Spotlight: Jane Maguire

Have you met our fantastic Animals, Land and Environment lecturer Jane Maguire? From teaching our horticulture students to caring for plants, Jane has a true passion for all things green!

What's your role at D&A College, and what's the story behind how you ended up here?

Lecturer in Landbased Team, horticulture being my main subject but also involved with agriculture and some animal care. Started teaching at Angus College part time and then got some part-time work at Dundee College, did this for 8 years working two part time-jobs until merger and finally got a fulltime, permanent position with Dundee and Angus College.

So, work is one thing, but what's the scoop on your life outside these college walls? Any exciting projects or weekend adventures?

I am not sure anything is exciting, I enjoy walking our 2 black labs, (the younger one will hopefully be in pup this Spring – that becomes exciting and hard work). We do quite a bit of entertaining with friends as I enjoy cooking. We are doing a house renovation project!

If you had to ditch your current expertise for something entirely different, what subject would you dive into, and what's the reasoning behind your switch up?

I would like to work in the travel industry, you do get cheap flights and accommodation, don’t you?

If you could have any person, dead or alive, as a guest lecturer in your class, who would it be and why?

Difficult question I instantly thought of David Attenborough, the voice, the knowledge, the experience. I asked students and his name came up and if students are interested and happy that makes life easier. But then I thought of Carl Linneus from the 16th century. He formalised the naming of plants in Latin and this is the subject that students find the hardest to get a grasp of, so any help is welcome.

Share with us the most valuable piece of advice you've picked up on your academic adventure, especially when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of your subject.

My Dad told me years ago that I shouldn’t lift anything too heavy for me as I’d regret it later in life! When teaching, best advice would be to own up if you don’t know something and then find out and get back to the student.

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