Lecturer Spotlight: James MacBeth

Introducing James MacBeth, D&A Maths and Numeracy Lecturer. With a teaching career that began in 2019, James has dedicated himself to helping others learn and grow. When he's not in the classroom, you may spot him perfecting his golf swing, hanging out with his pup Orla, or bingeing boxsets.

What's your role at D&A College, and what's the story behind how you ended up here?

I am a Maths and Numeracy Lecturer based at Gardyne Campus but also working at Kingsway Campus this semester. I have been teaching since 2019 when I did my PGDE at Dundee University and since worked in a school in Perth and then Dundee. I really found school life hard but then my wife saw the advert for the college role and luckily I was accepted here just over a year ago. I have loved it here ever since.

So, work is one thing, but what's the scoop on your life outside these college walls? Any exciting projects or weekend adventures?

I am a keen golfer and play at least once a week. We have a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Orla who is the light of our lives. I am also very much into boxset bingeing and a good drama. Shows I can honestly say I have loved over time are 24, Breaking Bad, The West Wing, and The Mandalorian to name a few! Plus I am a big Sherlock Holmes Fan!

If you had to ditch your current expertise for something entirely different, what subject would you dive into, and what's the reasoning behind your switch up?

I would love to be a golf pro teaching golf in the Canadian Rockies! (went there on holiday years back for my 40th and love the place!). I dunno I just love teaching people things! Which is probably a good thing considering my actual job!

If you could have any person, dead or alive, as a guest lecturer in your class, who would it be and why?

Billy Connolly as he’s hilarious and has great stories to tell and I bet if he taught Simultaneous Equations to a class it would be the best lesson ever!

Share with us the most valuable piece of advice you've picked up on your academic adventure, especially when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of your subject.

My Uni tutor gave us lots of advice but I always remember the following:

“There's always another way!”

“Pick your battles!”

“Relationships are key”

And my favourite “control your controllables!”

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