Engineering students get a feel for industry

Over the past month, Engineering students at Dundee and Angus College have been given the opportunity to visit different businesses to get an insight into the different jobs available in the industry.

NC Engineering students attended the first visit to MVV Environment Baldovie. MVV is one of Germany’s leading energy companies, focusing on providing a reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly supply of energy to industrial, commercial, and private household customers. 

In November 2017, MVV entered into a contract with Dundee City and Angus Councils to manage their residual waste (left over after recyclable materials have been removed). MVV endeavours to fulfil the requirements of the Scottish Government’s hierarchical Zero Waste priorities on:

  1. reduce
  2. reuse
  3. recycling
  4. recovery (of energy, for example)
  5. disposal

Sarah Cartmill, the Community Liaison Manager, showed the students around MVV and gave a presentation and site tour. The presentation and tour allowed our students to see how the multifaceted aspects of engineering they are learning about in college come together in the industry.

Andrew Gavin, the lecturer on this visit, said, “Moving through the college, it is important that the students get opportunities to get out there and see what the workplace is like and the jobs that are available.”

The second visit saw HNC Engineering Students visit SP Automation & Robotics. They specialise in assembling special purpose machine building and implementing bespoke automation solutions from food and drinks to medical devices.

SP Automation & Robotics is one of the longest-established automation manufacturers in the UK, serving a vast range of industries for over 35 years.

Students were given a presentation and then a site tour from Roy, Lee, Derek, and Braden. All students came away with a great understanding of how many varieties of engineering come together to create and build a machine, and many were amazed that a company like this existed in Dundee. Students were allowed to see the brand-new robots being finished before coming to the college, ensuring our students are being trained on the technology for the future in their courses.

Sky, a student on the visit, said, “It has been a very informative trip. I love the robots and now know this is the sort of thing I want to do as a career. I loved seeing how they make the specialised robots and how it all works.”

The NC Engineering students visited ATL Turbine Services last. ATL is a specialist in late-lifecycle turbines. Its core value is to repair and overhaul turbine engine components to the highest quality standard to meet customers’ requirements. ATL is committed to developing a component repair business to meet the needs of both original equipment manufacturers and independent overhaul facilities worldwide.

Students were given a detailed presentation about the company and a site tour by Tom Hanratty, Operations Support Manager. The students gained great insight into ATL’s working processes, which will undoubtedly help them in their future studies in engineering.

John, one of the students who visited ATL, said, “It is beneficial getting opportunities like this to see how these businesses work and what it would be like to work here or somewhere similar.”

All three visits have given our students an understanding of the opportunities available in Engineering and the different skills required, it has also allowed students to form contacts as many seek out apprenticeship opportunities.

We want to thank MVV Baldovie, SP Automation and Robotics, and ATL Turbine Services for giving our students this opportunity.