D&A Attributes

At D&A College we are not content to simply offer a classroom experience – we want to give you the opportunity to access a whole range of other life experiences that will broaden your horizons and develop your creativity and enthusiasm.

We want to focus on building up your soft skills, your interpersonal skills, your career management skills and all the ethos and attributes that will make you successful in
your work and personal life. In this College we call them the D&A Attributes which are every bit as important as your certificates and diplomas.

We know from talking to many local and national employers and business organisations that your personal attributes are critical in shaping your career path and we want to help you make the most of them.

We want employers to seek you out and to know that employing students from D&A College with the D&A Attributes means they will have someone who has a record of wider achievement beyond the classroom, someone with the skills, attitude and experiences to make a difference in the workplace.
Grant Ritchie, Principal

The 12 D&A Attributes
Over the last year we have been working closely with local businesses, students and staff to come up with our 12 key attributes. The attributes pathway has been designed so that you have the freedom to choose what and how many attributes you work towards and how you achieve them.

Best of all, each attributes badge is awarded based on your personal pathway to achieving the attribute, so it’s very flexible and open to all students at all levels and of all abilities across the College.

12 attributes

So what sort of things can I do?
As well as a structured programme of events throughout the year, you can gain attributes by working with your lecturers, fellow students and support teams on one-off projects, events or activities such as:

  • Pop-Up Shop
  • Sports Union
  • Skills for Learning, Life and Work
  • Mock Interviews
  • Fashion Show
  • Volunteering
  • MotivateMe!
  • Library Volunteer

So how do I sign up?
It’s easy – simply speak to your course tutor or a member of the Learner Engagement or Learning Resources team. They can get you started on your D&A Attributes journey, helping you to get involved in activities and build the evidence that will gain you recognition for your attributes.
For more information email: attributes@dundeeandangus.ac.uk