Net Zero & Carbon Accounting for Businesses

To avoid a world level catastrophe, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be slashed in half by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

Most of us have tried to eradicate disposable plastics and create energy saving options where possible but what does it really take to get to net zero in your business?

This is where many businesses remain clueless.

Imperium logoD&A Business have teamed up with leading Net Zero experts and carbon accounting specialists Imperium to help businesses understand the implications of impending legislation requiring them to reduce and report their carbon emissions.

Why Businesses need to act now.

From 30th September 2021 if you wish to bid on large government contracts you MUST have a Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plan in place.

This is just the start.

Businesses are also starting to demand a Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plan and, without one in place, will start to reduce your chances of gaining new business.
It is not a question of IF but WHEN you start implementing your Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plan.

Course Overview

With three levels of bespoke courses for businesses of all sizes and sectors, delegates can learn everything from measuring and managing their carbon footprint and motivating cultural change within the workforce to developing a Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plan.

As part of the package, delegates will also gain access and full training on accredited carbon accounting software for a full year, empowering them to capture, manage and report their scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions at a moment in time and the future. The CBN Expert software can also measure the effect of, for example, switching petrol vehicles to electric, installing a biomass plant or wind turbine, allowing them to make informed decisions before investing.

Course Details

Level 1 - Warrior

Who is it suitable for? All colleagues

The Net Zero Warriors training course has been designed to inform all levels of colleagues about the fundamentals of Net Zero.

What the course covers

  • Climate Change – the targets and the challenges
  • The business case for Net Zero. Why is it a strategic imperative?
  • What are Carbon Emissions and where are they in your business?
  • How can I make a difference?
Level 2 - Leader

Who is it suitable for? Leaders

The Net Zero Leader training course has been designed to help business leaders to understand what Net Zero is, what it means to their business and how businesses can benefit from a Net Zero strategy.

  • Climate change – the targets and the challenges
  • The business case for Net Zero. Why is it a strategic imperative?
  • What are carbon emissions and where are they in your business?
  • 15 elements of scope 3
  • Strategy development
  • Creating targets for carbon reduction
  • Embedding strategies
  • Engagement strategy
  • Lighting up and mobilising supply chains
Level 3 - Master

Who is it suitable for? Senior Leaders

These are predominately for larger organisations where more bespoke solutions are required for senior leaders and will often include workshops to work on Net Zero strategy for the business and relevant training required for those key individuals who will be driving the strategy forward.

All courses and modules can be modified and will be bespoke to the needs/requirements of each business. The course duration can be tailored to you, either taking a lighter touch over a longer period, or a more intensive short programme.

Carbon Accounting Software

To develop plans to achieve Net Zero, businesses will need to understand what emissions they are responsible for, and then be able to measure, analyse and reduce these emissions on a regular basis. Using a carbon accounting software will provide businesses with the tools they need to develop this understanding as well as providing management information for regular reporting.

As part of course registration we provide access for a year including initial training in the use of the software, plus guidance on input of datasets.