Hospitality Supervision & Leadership Training Testimonial: Emma Findlay

At D&A College, we offer numerous upskilling courses to businesses in the hospitality industry as we know the challenges they face in regard to recruitment and retainment.

With the average tenure a hospitality worker spends at a business being only one year, it’s no wonder the UK hospitality sector is seeing such a high turnover rate. This leaves employers and managers stuck in a rehiring cycle that never stops, costing them time and money.

Investing in upskilling your team is much more cost-effective and time-saving in the long run and liberates you from the never-ending cycle of recruitment. In fact, a LinkedIn report found that 94% of employees said they would stay at a business if development training was available.

Embracing an upskilling strategy can cultivate loyalty in your team as employees feel valued and see promising, future career prospects for themselves within the business. This in turn creates a more nurturing and positive environment for the entire team to work in, encouraging them to stay and ultimately making a better experience for your customers. 

Here is what Emma Findlay had to say about undertaking the Hospitality Supervision and Leadership upskilling course at Dundee & Angus College:

“I work in a renowned restaurant in St Andrews and was looking to advance in my career. With this in mind, I approached my employer about enrolling me onto the Hospitality Supervision and Leadership training course at Dundee & Angus College. I wanted to undertake the training so I could further my hospitality knowledge and be qualified for any future promotions that became available at work. 

On the course, I expected to learn about management within hospitality but I learnt so much more. It surpassed all my expectations as it has given me a wealth of practical and useful information, helping me gain confidence.

Emma Findlay.

Due to the pandemic, it took slightly longer to complete the course but the college adapted everything online for us very well so I was still able to continue my training. It was fully flexible to my working life as well since I had a day leave from work each week to attend college. 

All the college staff were so lovely and helpful. You could tell that they all really enjoy their job which makes attending the course so much easier and more fun. Sara Long, my lecturer, was fantastic and really made the course enjoyable. She gave as much detail as possible which I truly appreciated.  

As a result, I have recently been promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager from my previous supervisor role and I’m looking forward to continuing my career progression. I gained so much confidence within myself and knowledge of hospitality through this course that I am able to apply at work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about doing it as it provides a benefit not only to your workplace and your professional development but also your personal growth.” 

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