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Modern Apprenticeship – Welding

Ryan Thain“I love working, so being able to train on the job is the best solution for me.”

Nineteen-year-old Ryan Thain became a Modern Apprentice welder a year and a half ago. He had applied for a job straight from school with Neptune Marine Services in Fordoun. He spends four days a week at the welding fabrication workshop and one day a week at college in Arbroath.

“We’ve been covering all sorts of areas including stick welding, electrical work and fitting. It’s good crack when I’m at college and I feel I’m making good progress, but the best bit for me is being able to put what I’ve learned into practice back at work. I’m looking forward to serving my time and then getting a job off-shore.”

Ryan’s boss at Neptune, Scot Hynes, explains “Ryan started with Neptune as a labourer and has shown through his own diligence that he has the potential to make a skilled tradesman. In order to meet his full potential it is essential that he gains a sound academic base from which to build. This is best achieved through the Modern Apprenticeship day release scheme as run by D&A College in conjunction with practical experience.”