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Modern Apprenticeship – Natural Science

Jamie MacDonaldTwenty-year-old Beth Marshall spent a year working in a shop after she left school.

“I knew I wanted to move on, but it wasn’t until my mum, who works in the NHS, came home from work and told me they were advertising a Modern Apprenticeship in Natural Sciences that I knew what I wanted to do.”

The apprenticeship that Beth applied for was as an Associate Practitioner in blood sciences at Ninewells hospital in Dundee. It meant she would be trained in areas such as blood testing.

“I was thrilled. I could have gone to university to study for a biomedical science degree, but I knew from my mum, just how difficult it is to get a job without lab experience. Doing it this way, I not only got hands on time in the lab, I’m getting paid while I’m doing it!”

Beth is now in her second year of the four year course. Her routine involves one day a week in college and the other four in the lab at work. She usually gets the weekends off.

“If I want to I can always go on and do a degree; the MA will get me into the second year, but why incur the cost when I’m learning and earning at the same time!”