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Modern Apprenticeship – Hairdressing

Natasha Cameron“Hairdressing is all about the client. It’s not just a case of creating a certain style, it’s about knowing how to treat clients and having the confidence to do the best for them.”

That’s the view of 19-year-old Natasha Cameron. She has had a passion for hairdressing since she was a child and began working as a “Saturday girl” while still at school, lapping up the salon atmosphere and enjoying the buzz.

“The tricky decision came when I was ready to move on from school. The obvious choice, I suppose, was to go to college full-time and study hairdressing, but my boss had an even better idea.”

Dionne Robbie, of Robbie Hair Design didn’t want to lose her young employee. “It was clear Natasha had a natural talent and enthusiasm for the job and our customers already knew her. The perfect solution for both the salon and Natasha seemed to be to offer her a Modern Apprenticeship which would allow her to carry on working, but train at the same time.”

Natasha is now in her second year of the Apprenticeship, working five days a week in the salon supplemented with intermittent training visits from a Dundee and Angus College lecturer.

“I suppose I am missing out on some of that College atmosphere, but what I’m gaining in experience completely outweighs that. Doing an MA in hairdressing means I don’t have to find a job and allows me to gain experience with real customers.”