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Modern Apprenticeship – Customer Service

Fraser CroweFraser Crowe from Brechin, like a large number of young people, left school with no idea what he wanted to do. Looking around for some direction, he decided to apply for a job with a local call centre, Journeycall.

“I left school with no concrete plans and was lucky enough to get a job. Then to my surprise, I quickly found it was far more interesting than I had initially realised and within six months I had been promoted to supervisor.”

Fraser is now in charge of a team of people and deals with any problems that arise during the general business day, but as his responsibility increases so does his need for more advanced training in customer care.

Bruce Milne, the Senior Trainer at Journeycall, explains “up to now, we have trained our staff in-house, but we were instantly attracted to the concept of a MA in Customer Service. This means that promising staff like Fraser are still trained in the workplace, but with the additional regular support and structured tuition of Dundee and Angus College. “

And Fraser isn’t the only MA candidate at Journeycall. 18-year-old Fern Downey joined the company after deciding that a career in hairdressing wasn’t for her.

“I came to Journeycall initially with the idea of earning some money, but now I can’t believe my luck as I’ve been presented with this fantastic opportunity to get a qualification in Customer Service and keep earning, in a job that I enjoy, at the same time.”

Bruce Milne says customer service is a far more complex and subtle skill than most people realise “call centres like ours are frequently dealing with highly sensitive information and our staff need to be able to respond to this in an informed and caring way. Training like the Modern Apprenticeship scheme offers us a structured and quantifiable way of improving our performance overall and hopefully provides a high degree of satisfaction for our staff too.”