Wellbeing club offers women a safe place to share

Women’s Wellbeing Club was founded three years ago in Newton Abbot, by Andy’s Man Club facilitators Chris Martin and Adam Fletcher. They knew that there needed to be a safe and confidential, non-judgmental community group for women, to offer the same peer to peer support. The organisation has now grown and relocated to Scotland with the help of Alex and Amanda McClintock and is working towards charity status so it can provide more support and raise more awareness.

What began as just a local group now has clubs throughout the UK offering women peer support and friendship. The Dundee club launched in April and was the 11th in-person group. All are run by volunteer facilitators who are there to support, listen and provide a safe space to be heard for any woman.

Kirsty Nelson, lead facilitator of Women’s Wellbeing Dundee, explains how it came about: “Two of us met through work and heard about Women’s Wellbeing Club on Tuesday nights in Perth. We took part in the group, getting help for our own mental health and supporting other women who were there. When word spread and there were eight of us travelling through, we decided we could benefit from a club in Dundee!”

Street Soccer at Dundee’s Lynch Sports Centre on South Road were happy to provide the women with a space so they now meet in the upstairs community room every Tuesday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

Kirsty explains, “Our group provides peer support. We are not professionals giving advice and treatments, but a group of women listening to other women, providing a safe space to share things that might be troubling them or causing stress or anxiety. We are not an advice service but we can signpost to local services that might be of help. Come and join us –everyone is welcome.”

Find out more at www.womenswellbeingclub.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/womenswellbeingclub