Turning a negative into a positive

Lynn Croal had been working in a factory for eight years when she was made redundant.

“It gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate my choices. I have always been passionate about animals and decided I wanted to use this opportunity to better myself and turn what was a negative into a positive outcome.”

Now in her thirties, Lynn decided to study for an HND in Animal Care at D&A College.

“My two years at College presented some challenging experiences such as the cyber-attack and the ongoing pandemic. For many people like me, doing home studying was difficult in itself but also having a child to home school made for, shall we say, ‘interesting discussions’!

“The lockdown across the country did make things much more stressful and some of us were undecided about what to do once College ended. Would there be more lockdowns? Would there be jobs for those who had just qualified?”

Luckily Lynn was successful in securing a Veterinary Care Assistant role.

“I was very fortunate because the College had organised work experience for me at the PDSA in Dundee. I then got a job there after completing my course and it’s thanks to D&A that I got my foot in the door.”