MVV first UK’s female engineer apprentice learns something new every day

We caught up with Lindsey, who is currently doing her apprenticeship through us in electrical & mechanical engineering, whilst working and gaining practical experience at MVV Environment in Dundee. 

 Who are you doing your apprenticeship with?

I am doing an electrical/mechanical engineering apprenticeship with MVV Environment. MVV are an Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility which is located in Dundee.

Can you tell us a little bit about your apprenticeship journey?

Before starting as an apprentice at MVV environment I attended Dundee and Angus College completing several different courses such as:

  • Sports coaching & Fitness
  • Fast Track Engineering SCQF 4
  • EAL SVQ 2 Performing Engineering operations SCQF 5
  • NC Engineering Systems with renewable energy SCQF 6
  • Currently working towards my SVQ 3 to complete my apprenticeship

In college, I was able to get hands-on experience, along with the knowledge to use in the workplace. These courses have shaped and helped me achieve the confidence and skills needed to tackle an apprenticeship.

I started my mechanical/electrical engineer apprenticeship with MVV Environment and I can say that I am happier than ever, that I went down the route from college straight into a working role, because it has made the transition smooth and more comfortable.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is coming in and learning something new every day. Working in a plant where no day is ever the same, there is always something to do and work on. This gives me the ability to get hands-on experience and knowledge of how the plant works. Working with different tools and fixing different breakdowns, such as motors, gearbox, generators, pumps… the list goes on.

How have you found it entering an industry which has traditionally been very male-dominated? Has there been challenges and are you enjoying breaking down barriers?

At first, I found it a little daunting coming into an industry that is very male-dominated. However, it has been an easy and smooth transition for me working at MVV Environment. I am MVV UK’s first female engineer which is amazing to hear and I am honoured to have been given the opportunity. I enjoy coming to my workplace every day and feeling part of the team. I have received a kind welcome since day one, starting my apprenticeship journey. I don’t feel as if there is any pressure on myself as the only woman in the company and I am treated the same as everyone else. I am focussing on my own journey and working on improving my skills, knowledge, and experience, and I have been supported by everyone at the company.