Monika shows how to build back better

With Monika Mackay as your construction lecturer, you won’t be getting your average lesson. Monika loves her job but what really drives her is her desire to make a difference.

“I love the fact that construction has got so much to offer to people. Different technologies and systems used in this industry across the world are fascinating. The fact the construction industry needs to constantly adapt to the economic, environmental, and social changes is very interesting and challenging and bearing in mind what’s happening with the climate construction methods are more important than ever.”

She began her career in the construction industry in administration and IT, but she soon wanted to prove that the building business wasn’t just for men.

“I gained my experience by working as an Assistant Site Manager on a building site. I quickly realized that the best way to make a difference in this industry was to teach and to inspire other young women to enter construction. There are many inspirational and hardworking people at college. I was brought up to work hard and my experience is shaped by my very supportive team and my students. Together it makes the teaching worthwhile.”