Providing student representation at all levels across the college

The Students’ Association is responsible for providing structures, training, representation and opportunities for students.  We work with the College to make sure that your views are heard and go towards helping inform and shape developments. Your views and input are such an important part of the college experience, and it is our job to ensure that all students are heard and represented.

Roles and opportunities for students include:

Class Reps
This is an important role that involves representing the views of your class on the learning and teaching aspects of college life.

Lead Rep
This level of the rep structure takes place on a departmental level, where the representatives take the entire department’s views to the Association at regular meetings and focus groups.

Campaign Reps
These posts are for students who want to get involved in other aspects of College life. These can include Environmental, Health, Charities & Fund Raising, Social Events as well as any other number of topics.  These roles are designed to give students the freedom and flexibility to share their cause or passion with other students and support the activities of the Students’ Association.

Executive Team
The Association’s Executive Team is made up of the Student President and 3 Vice Presidents: Angus, Gardyne & Kingsway. The Vice Presidents will be posted at their respective campus.  It is the role of the Executive Team to represent the student body at a senior management level, as well as support the daily running of the Association.  They have overall responsibility for the Students’ Association, including the operational and strategic targets.