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The Dundee and Angus College Sports Union was formed in 2014 and covers the areas:
- Competitive Sport
- Recreational Sport
- Health & Wellbeing
- Volunteering
- CPD & Training


Contact details:
email: phone: 07469 728 490

or visit us on campus at the Learner Engagement/Sports Union offices:
Arbroath Campus: Isla Building; Gardyne Campus: Atrium; Kingsway Campus: Behind reception

Students’ Association and Sports Union website:
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Competitive Sport
Our teams have been very successful during their first year in operation, and we hope to continue that.
The sports currently on offer within the competitive programme are:
Football, Basketball, Rugby, Trampoline, Volleyball, Cricket and Badminton.
Please get in touch if there are other team/individual sports that you'd like included.

Recreational Sport
As well as our in-house particip8 programme and there are a range of external opportunities to get involved in. Our recreational sports and events are fully inclusive for all levels of ability, with a high emphasis on engagement and fun.
Sports currently on the recreational calendar include: Badminton; Handball; Rugby; Dance: Golf; Volleyball and Basketball

Health & Wellbeing
Health & Wellbeing is a key priority of the Sports Union and we achieved a 2 star status Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Award for 2014/15 and are working towards 3 star status.

We know how valuable volunteering is for career progression, and offer a variety of voluntary positions within the Sports Union designed to support and enrich your development, such as coaches/assistant coaches; committee members; activity leaders and admin. roles.

CPD & Training
The Sports Union will be offering a range of personal development opportunities for members, delivered both internally and externally. With custom designed sessions, our CPD & training programme has been designed with a heavy focus on educational progression and employment in the sports industry.