LGBTI+ Support

Dundee and Angus College have lots of opportunities for students to gain advice, information and support. If you are an LGBTI student who feels you would like some personal support while at College then this page will give you some information about who to contact.  The Student Services Team have a number of staff that are involved with the College’s journey to achieve the LGBT Charter Mark from LBGT Youth Scotland and the Equality and Diversity work across the College. So you can speak to any member of the team on your campus by calling into any of our Advice Centres - there is one at each main campus. We also have designated staff who can be contacted to have an initial discussion about what support you would like at College:

Sarah MackaySarah Thom
Student Services Manager,
all campuses and Learning Centres
01241 432705 / 01382 834940
Rona JackRona Jack
Student Services Team Leader,
Kingsway Campus
01382 834826
Wendy RussellWendy Russell
Student Services Team Leader,
Arbroath Campus and Learning Centres
01241 432703
Bryan Leonard Bryan Leonard
Student Services Team Leader,
Gardyne Campus
01382 834862

Dundee and Angus College have 3 really active student-run LGBTI+ groups at our Arbroath, Gardyne and Kingsway campuses that also access support from the Learner Engagement and Student Services team when they need it.

These groups are available to all students who want to find other LGBTI+ students on the campus that they study. The student groups also help the college look at ensuring all students feel happy, safe and included in College life.

The three Learner Engagement Officers can all give you extra information about the groups and introduce you to other members of the groups so please pop along and have a chat with them:

Carlene CuraCarlene Cura
Kingsway Campus
01382 834878
Tatiana ZorinaTatiana Zorina
Arbroath Campus
01241 432861
Carolyn McLeanCarolyn McLean
Gardyne Campus
01382 834834 ext. 7818

Please see our LGBT book, Coming Out, that students produced in 2015 about their coming out stories. We also have a Trans-guide that has been produced to support Trans students and staff in their transition in relation to College life.

If you have any suggestions about what the College could do more of or any new ideas for LGBTI+ support then please email Sarah Thom on

Below are some useful links to external organisations who can provide further advice and information:

LGBT Helpline Scotland, open every Tuesday and Wednesday between 12 - 9pm
0300 123 2523,