Esports Clubs

We offer various esports clubs at our Gardyne Campus for ages 8+.

Esports Kids Club

Level up your child's gaming skills with our exciting weekly esports club.

Structured Gaming!

Our esports clubs are led by ECA-certified youth esports coaches, who guide and support your child with a range of creative and digital activities. We prioritize a healthy balance between screen time and physical activities, ensuring kids have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Whether your child is new to gaming or is an avid gamer, our club caters to kids of all skill levels.


  • Age: 8-12
  • Dates: Tue, Wed, or Thur
  • Time: 6-7.30pm
  • Price: £25 per month



  • Age: 11-14
  • Dates: Wed
  • Time: 7.30-9pm
  • Price: £25 per month

Email to secure a space or for more details.


Esports Summer Camp

Summer is just around the corner and we are excited to offer an Esports Summer Camp. The in-person camps are led by ECA-certified youth esports coaches who have created a programme of creative and digital activities relating to the esports industry covering strategic gameplay, character design, video production, merchandise design and ending in a mini esports tournament. 

There will be an appropriate balance of screen time and physical activities throughout the day. And we will encourage your kids to take breaks and participate in fun physical activities to keep them active and healthy.

Our goal is to create a fun and engaging atmosphere where your kids can improve in the games they love, socialize and be active.


  • Age: 8-12
  • Dates wb 17th July (Mon to Fri)
  • Time: 9.30-12.30pm
  • Price: £40

Email to secure a space or find out more details.


Fifa Boot Camp

Led by a Professional FIFA player and Coach this boot camp will allow participants to level up their gameplay by developing tactical and mechanical knowledge of FIFA. This boot camp is aimed at those looking to improve their FIFA skills and for those looking to take part in tournaments and esports leagues or needing some extra help to move up the Division Rivals ranks. The coach will work with you to climb the ranks and share their expert knowledge and experience from competing and coaching at the highest level including events such as the ePremier League, eChampions League and managing the official Scotland National Teams esports team while playing for their country in over 60 official matches.


  • Age: 15+
  • Dates: 19th & 20th July
  • Time: 6–9pm

For more info please email


After School Esports Girls Club

This after school club is all about the girls! We know that the esports and gaming spaces are predominantly male dominated so this is a place for girls to game and build their skills and confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Our classes will allow girls to take part in gaming for the first time or to expand on existing skills. With activities from game play and tactics to designing team logos and merchandise this after school club will provide learners with a range of creative and digital skills.


  • Age: 8-12
  • Dates: Mondays (start date to be confirmed)
  • Time: 4–5pm

For more details or to book a space please email