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To support the recovery of the local economy we are offering a wide-ranging suite of fully-funded short online courses designed to encourage people to re-skill or up-skill in subjects linked to key growth sectors.

These free short online courses will help boost your skills to get you into work, or progress in your job. They can be started at any time and studied flexibly to fit in with your life.


Explore the courses below, and sign up for the ones that appeal to you. 

(Please note that courses need to be completed by 31 July 2023 and applicants must be aged 16+.)

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Business courses

Becoming a Progressive Employer

Employers can be considered progressive for numerous reasons, from the way they treat their staff to their approach to technology. This short online course will direct you towards being a progressive employer for those who wish to be on the forefront of employee relations and develop an innovative stance on business.

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Budgets and Managing Money for Business

Understanding the cycle of finance will help you figure out where you fit into your company’s financial structure, and how to keep your department out of the red.

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Building Relationships for Sales Success

Participants will discover that the business of business is making friends, and the business of all sales professionals is building relationships. Strategic friendships will make or break any business, no matter how big and no matter what kind of market.

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Building an Online Business

The internet has changed the way that we work, live, shop, and play. You can take advantage of this new way of doing business whether you want to set up a part-time venture or create the next million-pound enterprise. This course will give you everything that you need to build a successful online business.

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Conference and Event Management

Although it takes plenty of creativity to design an event that is memorable and meaningful, it also takes careful attention to detail, adaptability, effective delegating, and a lot of work. This online course will walk you through the process of event management, from the beginning stages of planning to the final touches.

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Critical Elements of Customer Service

While many businesses promise to deliver an incredible customer experience, some are better at supplying this than others. This course is designed around the critical elements of customer service that, when a company truly embraces them, bring customers back, to experience service that outdoes the competition.

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Digital Transformation for Business

Digital transformation looks different for every business, but it aims to alter how a company operates with the addition of technology to improve the customer experience and the workplace. This course will teach you about digital transformation, what companies in different industries are doing, as well as best practices so you can try it for yourself.

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How to Market your Business Online

Your brand speaks for your company and its products and/or services. In today’s online-focused world, it’s important that your brand has a definitive, consistent, and responsive presence. Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch or strengthen an existing brand, this course will help you do this using social media.

This course is an ideal start for business owners and people new to marketing to learn the basics of online marketing. Topics covered include search engine optimization, e-mail campaigns and pay per click advertising.

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Managing Customer Service

The need to lead, model, and promote the organisational values within a customer service environment is essential for business success. This online course will provide participants with opportunities to explore their responsibilities within their role as a leader (supervisor or manager) in a customer service environment.

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Understanding Project Management

In addition to regular job duties, people are often expected to take on extra assignments and are expected to get that additional job done well, under budget, and on time.

This online course is not intended to take participants from a supervisory or administrative position to that of a project manager. However, it will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the most common terms and the most current thinking around project management.

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Care courses

How to Prevent Infection

This course will develop your knowledge and understanding of the causes of infection, the ways in which infection enters the body, the spread of infection and the ways in which the body fights infection. This is complemented with the knowledge and understanding surrounding antiseptic, sterilisation, disinfection procedures and disposal of infected material.

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Introduction to a Career in Social Care

This course will introduce learners to a career in Social Care, where opportunities are many and varied. It has been designed for those who enjoy working with people, are compassionate, have a sense of fun and are seeking a new rewarding career helping others live their lives to the full. 

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Introduction to Children with Complex Physical Needs

This new and exciting course will provide you with a brief introduction to children with complex physical needs. Throughout this course, you will be given the opportunity to explore a wide range of complex disabilities and the complex care a child who has complex disabilities may require.

You will learn the importance of person-centred care and how you can apply this to the care you give to children, and also the care and compassion family members require to ensure care is inclusive. You will also explore the wider multidisciplinary team who also provide a range of care and support to a child requiring complex care as well as respite care organisations and education support provided throughout Tayside.

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Preparing to work in Early Education and Childcare

This course will support you in learning about the skills, values and knowledge you need to work in a variety of early learning and childcare settings. You will learn why these skills, values and knowledge are important to your practice with children and young people and working with others. This course will help you learn about the wide variety of early learning and childcare provision that is available and how it meet the needs of children and their families. The course will also help you identify the various opportunities within this sector, the qualifications you need to undertake these roles and possible career pathways available.

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Prepare to Work in Early Education: Development and Wellbeing of Children and Young People

In this SQA unit, which is part of the Skills for Work Award, you will study the development of children and young people looking at factors that can affect development, the different stages of development and the role of the adult in supporting children’s development.

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Prepare to Work in Early Education: Care and Feeding of Children

In this SQA unit, which is part of the Skills for Work Award, you will learn about the developmental needs of babies and children and the role of the adult in providing the right environment and resources for babies and children. You will learn about the feeding patterns and weaning process of babies, as well as researching appropriate food and drink for children and the importance of the adult in supporting children's healthy development.

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Understanding Child Development

This course will support you in developing an understanding of how children grow and develop. It will enable you to investigate children and young people's development pre-birth to 16 years. You will be given the opportunity to learn about holistic development and how different aspects of development interrelate. You will also learn about how life experiences and other factors can impact development, both positively and negatively.  

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Understanding Human Development and Behaviour in a Care Setting

This course will support you in developing an understanding of how people grow and develop and why this is important for people who work in care settings. You will also learn about how life experiences can impact on people’s life, both positively and negatively. Finally, you will study a wide variety of psychological theories that will explain human behaviour. Knowledge of these theories will allow you, as a care worker, to understand the appropriate support that you can offer to individuals using care services.

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Understanding Individual Pathways in Health and Social Care

This course is designed to introduce individuals to the Health and Social Care Integration Agenda in Scotland and particularly highlights partnership working. It provides knowledge of the NHS and Social Care Structure and their funding in Scotland. The course offers an overview of the challenges, constraints, and opportunities within Integration and the roles and responsibilities that exist. An understanding of these pathways is key if you currently work, or hope to work, in the health and social care sector.

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Supporting people with Dementia

Introduction to Dementia care and the support available to ensure a quality of life.

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Career development courses

Becoming a Better Learner

This short online course will help you to become a better learner, and as a result make you a more valuable employee and well-rounded individual.

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Building Self Esteem and Confidence

Healthy self-esteem and self-confidence are essential for growth and achieving success. Of all the judgments you make in life, none are as important as the one you make about yourself. Without some measure of self-worth, life can be painful and unrelenting. In this short online course, participants will discover some techniques that can dramatically change how they feel about themselves, and how they approach the world to get the things that they want.

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Kickstart Your Employment

This course has been designed to support individuals on the Kickstart programme. It will provide you with the essential digital and career management skills needed to enter the world of work including:

  • Understanding your career options
  • Application forms
  • Creating a CV
  • Personal statements and covering letters
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Building digital confidence and digital literacy
  • Problem-solving
  • Working as a team
  • Health and Safety

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Digital skills courses

Discover Digital @ D&A

This course has been designed by Dundee and Angus College to support you to improve the essential digital skills you need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world.

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Get Connected and Introduction to Internet of Things

This interactive course is for those who want to learn how to use a computer, connect devices and access search, email, and social media. The second part of the course is for those who have curiosity around the “Internet of Things” - the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.

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Introduction to Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Essentials

Today’s interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Whether you’re attracted to the relativity new world of cybersecurity as a professional, or just interested in protecting yourself online and in social media, this introductory course is the answer.

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NDG Linux Unhatched and Linux Essentials

Nearly every IT job requires some Linux knowledge. NDG Linux Unhatched allows you to wade into the shallow end of Linux. The second part of this course sees you expanding on these skills. 

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PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python

Learn Python, the Language for Internet of Things.
How great would it be to write your own computer program? Or, design a web or desktop application that millions of people could enjoy? Both are possible if you learn to code in Python.

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FUTUREquipped courses

FUTUREquipped: Construction

FUTUREquipped - Preparing Scotland’s workforce to respond to the digital and technical revolution.

This course has been designed and developed by the Digital Health and Care Institute and the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre. These learning materials were produced by lecturers, who participated in the FUTUREquipped project and explore how digitization is transforming the construction sector and its impact on construction techniques. The units you will study cover Building Information Modelling, Domestic Building Management Systems and Energy-efficient housing.

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FUTUREquipped: Health and Social Care

FUTUREquipped - Preparing Scotland’s workforce to respond to the digital and technical revolution.

This course has been developed by the Digital Health and Care Institute in Glasgow with an eye to the future of health and care provision.

These learning materials were produced by lecturers, who participated in the FUTUREquipped project and explore SMART homes from the perspective of the Health and Care sector.

The units you will study cover issues such as how care is changing and safeguarding whilst maintaining dignity. Also, how SMART homes can enable people living with dementia, sight loss or mental health issues to live safely and autonomously at home.

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Hospitality courses

Allergen Awareness

This course is designed to give the necessary knowledge of allergies and intolerances for food handlers covering topics such as contamination control, food allergen laws, and allergen awareness.

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Barista Skills Level 1

This course is suited for those who already work in the hospitality industry or those that would like to start a career in the hospitality industry.

This course covers all of the theoretical knowledge needed to prepare and serve hot and cold drinks in any environment. On completion of this course you can progress on to level 2 in which you will be trained on specialist equipment in a hospitality environment.

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Maintain Customer Care in the Hospitality Industry

This course is suited for those who already work in the hospitality industry or as a refresher to upskill staff.

This course will provide the knowledge needed to deliver excellent service to customers. Covering topics such as professionalism and ethics in the workplace, handling customer complaints & difficult behaviour, and building rapport with customers and guests.

This course will allow you to deliver a more efficient and effective service in the workplace.

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Safe Service of Alcohol

This course is suited for those already working in the hospitality industry either in an on-license environment or who are looking to gain a licence in the future.

The course will provide knowledge covering the basic laws, policies and responsibilities required of staff serving alcohol and will explore the possible risks and dangers in the workplace.

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Law courses

Basics of Contract Law

This course will provide you with a brief introduction to contract law that applies throughout the UK. You will be given the opportunity to learn about some key legal concepts, such as formation of a contract, breach of contract and misrepresentation. In this course, we will also consider a number of important legal cases that have forever changed the law of contract.

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Introduction to Scottish Criminal Law

This course will provide you with a brief introduction to criminal law that applies throughout Scotland. You will be given the opportunity to learn about some key legal concepts. In this course, we will also consider a number of important legal cases that have shaped Scottish criminal law to be what it is today.

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Leadership & Management courses

Becoming Management Material

This course is an online tool for your own leadership development. It is designed to help you create and accomplish your personal best, and to help you lead others to do the same. Embrace the challenges a management role can bring and enhance your ability to communicate with others.

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Communication Strategies

The aim of this online course is to help you understand the impact that your communication skills have on other people. It will also explore how improving these skills can make it easier for you to get along in the workplace, and in life.

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Developing High Performance Teams

Success as a manager is heavily influenced by how well your team operates and what kind of results they achieve. Is your team able to solve problems? Can they resolve conflict? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best? Do they work well together? This online course is designed for participants who want to develop their team leadership skills and unleash the talent of their individual team members.

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Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Supervisors undertake a vital role in businesses. As a supervisor, you have the power to turn on or turn off the productivity of the people who report to you. You are the crucial interface between the employee on the shop floor or the service desk and the managers of the organization. Although you usually have more technical experience than the employees you supervise, you may not have had a lot of leadership experience. This online course will give you the skills in communication, coaching, and conflict that you need to be successful.

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Managing Difficult Conversations

We have so many interactions in the run of a day, it’s reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations that you have in person, or you manage a virtual team and need to speak with someone in another city, there are things that you can do to make these conversations go smoothly. This short online course will give you the tools to manage difficult conversations and get the best results possible out of them.

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Managing a Virtual Workplace

Virtual workers and virtual teams are an essential part of today’s workforce. Now more than ever, people are using technology to work anywhere, anytime. There are benefits to today’s virtual workplace, but there can be challenges, too. This online course will teach managers and supervisors how to prepare employees for the virtual workplace, build virtual teams, use technology, and overcome cultural barriers.

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Situational Leadership Skills for First Line Management

Situational leadership is a flexible leadership style where leaders adapt their leadership style to suit their work environment and the current needs of the organisation and the team. It can improve team effectiveness, collaboration and productivity whilst also boosting employee motivation.

This online programme is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to support you in a current role and in career progression.

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Sport, Health & Wellbeing courses

Introduction to Indoor Group Cycling

This course will provide you with an introduction to Instructing Indoor group cycling. You will gain the knowledge, understanding and instructional skills required by an instructor of indoor group cycling.

The course encourages application of knowledge and skills within a practical setting providing an excellent stepping stone to becoming an instructor in this setting.

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Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

This course will provide you with an introduction to mental health awareness and begin with a look at what mental health is defined as and what it looks like. Other topics which will be covered include types of mental health problems, stress, self-help and signposting.

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Introduction to Sports Nutrition

This course will provide you with an understanding of and introduction to nutrition. You will look to gain knowledge in a variety of nutrients and look at classifications as well as have an understanding of how the nutrients should be applied in daily dietary intake. This will include recommended daily allowances for general population groups and adapting for exercise.

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Introduction to Sports Psychology

This course will provide you with an introduction to Sports Psychology covering aspects such as confidence, cohesion, anxiety, stress and motivation. Successful completion will enhance knowledge and understanding of the topic which can be applied within embryonic coaching practices.

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Social Sciences courses

Getting Ready for Social Science

You will explore a basic introduction to the academic discipline known as the Social Sciences. You will get a chance to discover more about a range of topics covered within Social Sciences including sociology, history and criminology.

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