Working together to develop digital toolkit

Release Date: 7 November 2017

DELTA (Developing Expertise in Learning & Training Assessment in the workplace) had its ‘kick-off' meeting at Dundee and Angus College today. 

DELTA article image

An Erasmus+ funded programme to develop skills for promoting and assessing learning in the workplace, the project aims are to provide resources for trainees to promote themselves to companies and for managers to understand and assess learning, including ‘transversal skills’ to bring VET and workplaces closer together.

The International team at D&A College (lead partner) welcomed partners HETEL (Spain), Amledo (Sweden), PIXEL (Italy), IHK (Germany) and KLEINON (Romania) and local partner, Discovery Flexibles.

The combined expertise of the partners will produce a digital portfolio of materials which will act as a toolkit for companies to use.

DELTA ultimately aims to focus on assisting companies, especially those with no prior experience with apprentices.

D&A College will lead on researching and creating collaborative apprenticeship schemes for those companies that are either too small or too specialised to take general apprentices.