Working back into employment

Release Date: 21 November 2016

Using techniques to help change the mind-set of long-term unemployed people D&A College staff aim to restore self-esteem, and instil self-belief.

The Supporting Employability Programme, run in conjunction with Jobcentre Plus, is aimed at long-term unemployed people and uses a range of techniques to help them turn their lives around.

The four-week course at the college, which is part of the longer 12-week initiative, helps people combat issues which contribute to unemployment including mental health problems or addiction.

While the programme goal is to get people into work, for many the course and subsequent mentoring is a first step as tutor Jim McEvoy explains:

“A lot of people have given up hope of finding work, believing they are too old or have been out of work too long.

“Using cognitive behavioural strategies to install self-confidence and effect a change in mind-set, this course makes them examine these beliefs and discover the opportunities that do exist, it also shows how they can, by their own efforts, influence their circumstances.”

To recognise the achievements of those who have taken part, college staff organised an informal event at Kingsway Campus, on Friday, November 18, when 20 participants were presented with certificates.

“Long-term unemployment robs people of their futures,” said Jim.

“Slipping through the employment net into the world of long-term welfare benefits and social and work isolation can be easier than you think,  some of the candidates are educated to degree level but still lack the knowledge of how best to market their skills – we can certainly help with that.

“We’re not expecting candidates to leap into a job immediately – a lot of what we do is about encouraging people to take control of their own destiny and be responsible for their own achievements.”