Students learn two-faced nature of anatomy

Release Date: 7 November 2016

D&A lecturing staff have devised a new way to help deliver anatomy and physiology lessons – using face paint.

anatomy article
Kaitlyn Ritchie and Caitlin Darby use facepaint as a visual aid for their anatomy and physiology class.

As part of the VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) level 2 beauty therapy studies programme, students have to study the skeleton and musculature of the human body.

In a bid to help them differentiate between a frontalis and a temporalis muscle, course leader Lorraine Howitt has opted for a novel visual aid – the students painting what lies beneath the skin actually upon the skin.

Over 50 students are taking part in this new-look lesson, practising painting facial muscles by outlining, shading and indicating fibres, on their faces of their classmates.

The students been working on anatomy and physiology for eight weeks with the subject being “team taught” by Lorraine, of beauty and complimentary therapies, and life sciences lecture Peta Dunkley.

“D&A College staff are always looking for new ways in which to deliver memorable lessons,” explained Lorraine.

“While the results might be thought of as a little grotesque, the use of face paint in this fashion means the finished work will certainly stick in the students’ heads.”