Sports galore

Release Date: 5 December 2016

Summer in November, a jungle in the city and a Game of Thrones…anything seems possible for D&A College sports students.

sports event ARTICLE
Organisers of the Game of Thrones themed sports event (from left) – Joe Abbott, Matthew Gellatly, Megan Bannister, Daniel Ritchie, Michael Milne and Scott Campbell.

As part of the HND sports coaching and development programme students split into four teams to organise a series of events involving about 150 of their fellow students.

These kicked off with the Jungle Wipeout, on Monday, Nov 21, which included a series of challenges including dodgeball, basketball and volleyball and an imaginative jungle run obstacle course. There was also a jungle pool with an under-water pool puzzle.

Competing teams, drawn from certificate in uniformed services, cert. sports coaching and fitness, introduction to sport and fitness SVQ activity leaders and HND (year 1) sports coaching, were given animal names and earned extra points be dressing-up as animals.

Lecturing staff were quick to see an advantage in this system and appeared as a guest team of big cats!

The Game of Thrones event took place on the same day with the winning team actually having a chance to nominate someone to sit in a home-made throne.

Activities included Kings Landing Gauntlet - an obstacle course with a Game of Thrones puzzle at the end, Dothraki handball, Targaryen Kickball - indoor football with added conditions, the Siege of Winterfell which involved capturing the flag from an opponent’s base.

Those taking part were nicely warmed up for another two events on Tuesday, Novermber 29,  when Risky Business, a round-robin style tournament including volleyball, futsal, dodgeball, basketball and handball were taking place, followed by Summer Events, based on challenges faced by athletes who took part in Rio Olympics.

As well as managing these events the organising teams set themselves a challenge of raising funds for local charity Cash for Kids through entry fees, raffles and football cards.