Sport bringing people together

Release Date: 23 February 2017

In a bid to create a new generation of young people who value each other for the things they share in common and rather than their differences, D&A College students from both supported education and sports courses organised a sports taster event.

Taking place at the Saltire Centre in Arbroath, students from a range of disciplines signed up for activities which allow people with and without disabilities to try New Age Kurling – a non-ice based sport where the ‘stones’ are on casters and both wheelchair users and mobile people can take part; Goalball – a form of football where all the players are blind-folded and there are bells inside the ball  and ridges on the pitch so everyone knows where they are and where the goals are; Unified basketball for people where people with differing levels of  ability take part together and Boccia, akin to bowls but using lighter leather balls to enable people with a range of mobility challenges to compete.

College staff were also keen to participate and learn about inclusive sports opportunities.

This event, aimed at raising awareness of disability sport and promoting equal opportunities, was one of three aimed at promoting positive health and wellbeing.

Organised by the Sports Union other topics being addressed include: smoking, obesity, mental wellbeing and day-to-day wellness.