Shear brilliance at college

Release Date: 3 February 2017

The Great British Barber Bash was a huge success at D&A College when staff, students and hairdressing professionals flooded into The Space at Kingsway Campus on Monday, January 23.

Barber Bash ARTICLE
Demonstrating the sharpest skills in hairdressing (© D C Thomson & Co Ltd).

Earlier in the day the team of Darren Jones, Tom Baxter, Eric Begg and Greg Forrest gave demonstration in hair cutting, beard trimming and shaving in one of the training salons at the campus, where staff and students from the hairdressing and beauty therapy department enjoyed seeing some of the sharpest skills around.

D&A College launched a new barbering programme last year, the VTCT level 2 diploma in barbering, which attracted a lot of attention.

Plans are in place for a level 3 diploma next session.