Scotland: an international view

Release Date: 17 May 2016

International students studying at D&A College, staged a special exhibition of  art, crafts, photographs, video and writing, all inspired by their time in Scotland, at Arbroath Library during May.

The students, all of whom study at the Arbroath Campus, created more than 200 pieces which together they are called “Scotland in Our Eyes”.

A total of 19 students, from Talinn in Estonia in the north to Torre Boldone in Italy in the south, worked on this exhibition from October last year in a bid to share their experience, culture and pride in living in Scotland, with local residents.

The exhibition was staged in the upstairs area at Arbroath Library and one of the aims of the work was to let people ‘walk in the creators’ shoes’ – offering a taste of what is like to move from one’s homeland, with all its familiar customs and traditions,  to a new place where they have to learn to adjust.

“Some of the pieces illustrate what it is like change job, for example on student used to work in a casino and nightclub in Latvia and ended up to picking potatoes in blizzard conditions in Angus,”  said  ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) lecturer Linda Archibald.

“There was also decorative pieces of art such as a vase embellished with over a thousand coins and practical crafts such as recipes for Polish cakes.”

The exhibition, which is open during normal library hours, runs till Friday, May 27.