Robot wars

Release Date: 27 April 2017

War was declared at D&A College – a robot war!

robot wars DCT Article
Robot Wars winners: Rhys Brennan (left) and Adam McCulloch. (Courtesy of D C Thomson & Co Ltd.)

Students from Arbroath and Gardyne Campuses faced up to each other in a computer conflict having designed, programmed and built their own robots complete with weaponry ranging from bulldozer blades to a buzz saw!

Working in teams of four, students from the preparation for computing course and the preparation for interactive media programme, constructed combat robots for the conflict that took place at Gardyne Campus on Monday, April 24.

This tournament can truly be described as ‘knock-out’ as each robot tries to knock its opponent out of a ring.

Forward planning is vital as the students have no control of the robots once they are unleashed in the combat area – good programming being the key to success or failure.

The students created their robots using a system called Lego Mindstorms.

The machines are equipped with different sensors to detect the opposing robot and to help stay inside the ring.

Overall winners on the day were Rhys Brennan and Adam McCulloch.