Ready, Set, Grow...

Release Date: 22 January 2018

Dundee and Angus College students and staff have been urged to take to their marks and participate in “The Daily Mile.”

Daily Mile
Students and staff launch "The Daily Mile" at our Kingsway Campus.

All three campuses have had specially designed mile tracks built to encourage getting up and away from desks to engage in exercise.

The Daily Mile is an incentive that has been running nationwide in schools since its pilot in Stirling in 2015.

Research shows that there is an increase in attention and memory after spells of exercise, 15 minutes of physical activity at one’s own pace can also improve mood and increase the ability to learn.

The incentive has proven very popular and beneficial to schools and is now being rolled out to colleges, universities and workplaces.

Horticulture lecturer Gregor McGilvray saw this as an opportunity to engage with many different departments within Dundee and Angus College to create a Daily Mile experience.

The horticulture students have created beautiful and interesting tracks at each campus with the use of floral displays.

Sports Union have created sign posts with relevant facts and statistics to read and engage with along the mile route.

Support has also come from Learner Engagement and Estates teams.

“We are delighted to be able to map out a Daily Mile for all our staff and learners. It is vital that we all take our health seriously and getting out for a walk is the simplest and easiest way to keep yourself active,” said Principal Grant Ritchie.

“All our campus areas in Dundee and Arbroath have really good local places to walk; the gardens at Kingsway are really attractive, Gardyne has great external grass and woodland, and Arbroath has lovely grass areas and Keptie Pond just five minutes up the road. There is no excuse for not finding the time to get out for a walk and to enjoy some fresh air!”

John King from Sports Union added: “The Daily Mile is an initiative that simply put will allow Dundee and Angus College’s Students and staff to increase their physical activity levels in a simple and inclusive manner with no barriers to participation.”

“It has been successfully developed through the collaboration of dedicated staff members across the college, all willing to go the extra mile so that everyone has the opportunity to do the same.”

The track at Kingsway Campus will be ready to use from this coming week, with Arbroath and Gardyne Campuses following and being ready early February.