The graduates who won’t leave college!

Release Date: 26 October 2017

Gemma Medhurst (33) and 22-year-old Alix Foreman both graduated today at Dundee and Angus College’s annual awards ceremony in the Caird Hall.

Alix Gemma Article
Gemma Medhurst and Alix Foreman, HNC Advertising and PR graduates.

Earlier this year they both joined the college’s marketing department, Gemma as Promotions & Events Officer and Alix as a Modern Apprentice.

 Gemma’s working background involved retail from an early age. She soon progressed to several Assistant Manager positions then a Brand Manager role.

 In 2015 Gemma decided to make the change and study NC Early Education and Childcare at Dundee and Angus College.

 “I was happy to be back learning and doing something new but instead of going on to do the HNC I opted for Advertising, PR and Marketing. At one point I was close to giving up but my classmates and lecturers helped me through the break-up of my family and having to move house. I wanted to make my son proud so I kept going!”

 Gemma’s determination led to her securing her current marketing position.

 “My first week saw me helping with the prize giving ceremony and it has been non-stop ever since! I now help write press stories about the college and I’m studying for a BA in Business Management with RGU. I would love to keep doing what I’m doing and push myself further within the industry.”

Alix’s career began with various jobs too.

“I left school having gained fairly good Highers but unfortunately they didn’t quite cut the mark for my chosen university courses. I decided my best option would be to get a full-time job and work my way up – which was much harder than I first anticipated. I had two roles, primarily in sales, which is where I first became interested in marketing, leading to me apply for the HNC Advertising and PR course.”

Following two work experience placements, Alix gained her Modern Apprenticeship position. 

“There’s no better way to start my marketing career than to market to a target audience I was just a part of and it’s really cool to see my posters or digital pieces throughout the college. The rejection from uni was tough – at the time it felt like the end of the world – but five years later I didn’t think I’d be working in a job I love with an exciting career ahead of me.”